Thank you for your interest in yoga!

We are a waterfront yoga studio in the charming village of Chippawa just outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario. We offer a variety of yoga classes for every skill level – yoga basics, slow flow, heartlead hatha (with essential oils)vinyasa flow, hatha, restorative, yin, Y12SR, meditation, dharma talks, breath work and more. Are you looking for a balanced mind and body that includes a fun and caring community? Then please join our community us.

Why Choose Us?

We love a varied practice of yoga. In some of our yoga classes you will find a faster paced, energetic, & dynamic flow. In others you will find a more gentle practice where poses are held longer, allowing you the opportunity to explore balance and depth, both on and off the mat. Our classes are designed for every person. No matter if you are a skilled yogi or beginner you will benefit, learn and grow with us in this welcoming and kind community. Need support?  We are here to help.  Along with our teachers to provide guidance we have props to help support you safely on your yoga journey. Each class experience includes variety and each teacher’s personal touch & creative point of view, the skillful, mindful and intelligent approach is the same in each yoga class. It is important to us that all people are afforded the benefits of yoga so we offer an affordable monthly class pass.

NOW OFFERING KIDS/TEEN Yoga classes every Saturday at 10:30am – Our Yoga teacher blends active yoga sequences, energizing music, yoga-inspired games, mindfulness, and plenty of smiles into every class. Classes are fun and engaging. No prior children’s yoga experience is required. $10 per class sold in 10 pack.  

Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
we have a new rendition of our Tuesday evening yin class over the next few weeks! based off of a poetry book by @rupikaur_ “the Sun and Her Flowers”. Alyson will guide you through poses along the journey of life similar to that of the journey of the flower 🌸

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Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
that sounds nice doesn’t it! come to your mat and get connected to you 💚🙏🏼

classes today
Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
we love looking out of our windows and seeing the calm riverside. come join us for classes today

9am Vinyasa ⤑ with Rosie
12pm Slow Flow ⤑ with Rosie (sub)
4pm Hatha ⤑ with Chris

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Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
🧘 Experience our unique lakefront view yoga studio.
📍 Located in the charming village of Chippawa, just outside of Niagara.
🙏 Join us for a class, all levels welcome.
🇨🇦 Visiting the area? Book and see what our community is all about.

See our schedule and book here: bit.ly/bridgewaterschedule.
Call 905-295-1902 for more info!
We can’t wait to meet you.
Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
what do you have to lose? I think we know one thing that might make use of your day.. YOGA 💕

you’ve got options to come get on your mat tomorrow
6am ⤑ morning flow with @chris_simone83
6pm ⤑ yin with Maki
7:30pm ⤑ slow flow with @chris_simone83

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Bridgewater Yoga
Bridgewater Yoga
vinyasa means to place in a special way. on the mat we know it as moving with our breath. you start this journey wherever you are and you look toward a higher self. we choose steps that bring understanding about that higher self. this is vinyasa off the mat. constantly growing each step you take!

at the studio we offer vinyasa classes
Sunday’s ⤑ 12pm with Marlies
Monday’s ⤑ 6pm with Jamie
Wednesday’s ⤑ 6pm with Alyson
Thursday’s ⤑ 4:30pm with Rachael

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